At Abantail we focus on disruptive technologies as an important part of our strategy. We are committed to adopting new technologies that improve operational efficiency. Always looking for innovations, in all areas, to improve our current and future customers’ experiences.

Low-code development is gaining importance in the software industry and for Abantail, a company specialized in configurator development, it is not an exception. At Abantail we have decided to go with the market’s leading platform, Mendix. We believe it is a fast, efficient and cost-effective solution for our customers. This tool allows developers to create custom applications with a minimum amount of effort and time, resulting in cost and time savings in the development of their products.

siemens mendix abantail

In addition, it offers developers greater flexibility in application design. This is because the tool is based on a non-coded development platform, which means that it allows users to develop applications without having to write lines of code.

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This platform focuses on its ease of use so that anyone can use it, without the need to be a coding expert. With this platform it is possible to create applications for any purpose, including data management, project tracking, resource management and much more. In addition, the platform can be connected to different external systems, such as SAP, Salesforce, Teamcenter, NX, and others.

At Abantail we have extensive experience in the development of product-process configurators, for which we have a software development team with extensive experience and knowledge. Moreover, our background in various sectors has led us to detect similar problems in the development of applications, out of the configuration world.

That is why we are convinced that Mendix’s low-code platform is a key tool for many of the industries that we have come across throughout our history. Being able to solve many of the problems, such as:

  • Business demand vs. IT
  • Shortage of qualified developers
  • Need to develop integrations to connect enterprise systems

At Abantail, we are committed to leveraging disruptive technology to improve the user experience and the operational efficiency.