Join Public Industry Leaders Achieving their Ambitions for Digital Transformation with Mendix

Mendix brings future-ready technology to the public sector to help governments, municipal authorities, universities, and other organizations drive digital transformation in a swiftly evolving world.

The public have high expectations for mobile-native, convenient access to services. Increase accessibility of your core systems through legacy modernization. Enable a responsive organization with multi-experience capabilities online and offline, in the cloud or on premises.

Mendix’s ecosystem connects customers across the public sector with industry partners and a vibrant developer community.

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Upgrade Your Enterprise Systems

Modernizing legacy systems helps organizations increase agility and stay resilient through changing demands. With Mendix, you can upgrade your enterprise systems by adding functionalities or fully replace your legacy apps with cloud-based solutions.

The International Criminal Court empowered more staff to work with IT teams to develop apps that modernize the enterprise systems that manage their internal processes.

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Make a difference, quickly

In a post-pandemic environment, we all understand how quickly processes and experiences need to change to suit demands, government regulations, or natural occurrences.

Dutch Railways improved customer experience within four weeks by making apps that provide an integral overview of the rail network, a messaging system, and a uniform audit trail to reconstruct timelines and help ongoing evaluation.

Enrich public services

With complex services and strict legal and security compliance obligations, building applications quickly is a persistent pain point for the public sector. Each application built using the Mendix Platform has powerful API options. With Mendix-built APIs, you can quickly enrich public services on top of existing enterprise systems to create engaging citizen-facing services through online, secure digital portals.

The City of Rotterdam digitized 2.5 million parking registrations per year with a mobile-native app and enriched their birth registration process with an online, secure digital portal.

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Build innovative solutions

Mendix prioritizes security, data privacy and compliance, in every aspect. They are continuously making the platform the kind of secure environment you can count on to help you meet the needs of the public.

Brigham Young University was able to cut down end-to-end development time for their student learning system by 28% and reduce app maintenance time from days to hours.


Mendix has a wide range of success stories in leading companies in the public industry. Clicking on the following link you will be able to see what they have come to achive working with Mendix.