Build the future of banking solutions with Mendix

The urgency to digitize financial services offerings throughout the entire client lifecycle from origination, to onboarding, self-servicing, and back office operations has become an imperative for institutions to survive in today’s market. To solve these digitization challenges, institutions need software platforms that improve experiences, lower cost, improve business agility, and increase speed to market.

The Mendix platform allows banks to build out digital ecosystems using composable, reusable components. All this comes at much faster speed and lower resource cost than traditional application coding and development.

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Customer Onboarding

Customer onboarding is one of the critical tasks in the banking industry, but remains one of the most challenging. All modern businesses know that a top-class digital onboarding experience is key both for speed to revenue for the bank and for customer satisfaction but implementation can be costly, resource-intensive and slow.

Banking clients have used Mendix to improve their customer onboarding, and Mendix Financial Services now offers the Customer Onboarding solution template. This template gives your business an intuitive, easy-to-deploy accelerator that helps you quickly add process automation to this critical banking workflow. Providing your customers an innovative and attractive onboarding process increases their trust in your business and keeps you competitive in a growing market.

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Native Banking App

Great mobile customer experiences are a key consideration for every financial institution. But creating and maintaining that experience can be an enormous strain on a bank’s resources. Mendix’s Native Banking App solution template is here to help.

The template provides key features that act as a kickstart for your development process. Biometrics, account views, transfers, interfaces to credit cards, and chatbot access are all there from the start. Add your institution’s branding and workflows to make it unique to you.

Decrease time to market, increase business value, and wow customers with a spectacular mobile experience.

Loan Origination

Applying for a loan is one of the most stressful and important interactions a customer will have with your bank. It’s essential for financial institutions to provide a digital experience that enables the customer, rather than impedes them.

The Mendix Loan Origination solution template allows your organization to take control of this critical experience. Customers can select their loan, enter information, upload all documents, and apply directly within the app. No extra systems, no barriers. Loans that meet specific parameters can be approved automatically, while others are routed to your team for decision. All of this happens directly within the app.

Reduce internal burden while giving customers an intuitive, best-in-class digital experience.

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Mendix has a wide range of success stories in leading companies in the banking industry. Clicking on the following link you will be able to see what they have come to achive working with Mendix.