Low-code is an application development method that elevates coding from textual to visual. It consists of creating applications without having to write a large number of lines of code or programming.

Mendix Low-code
Abantail Mendix Low-code


Low-code changes completely the way that applications are developed, removing the need to generate code. It consists in creating applications without having to write a large number of lines of code or programming.

Instead, visual tools such as drag and drop are used to build applications using preconfigured blocks. Thus defining both the design and the logic of the application. These tools allow developers to build apps faster and with less code, saving time and resources.

Abantail Mendix Low-code

Thanks to low-code platforms, it is possible to speed up the development of applications between 5 and 10 times, compared to the traditional development method.


Mendix is Siemens Digital Industries Software’s low-code platform. A high productivity app platform that enables to build and continuously improve mobile and web applications at scale. Mendix is designed to accelerate enterprise app delivery across your entire application development lifecycle, from the ideation, the deployment, to the subsequent maintenance.

With Mendix you will be able to deliver revolutionary business applications. Plan, develop, test, deploy, scale, and maintain enterprise applications with Mendix platform’s leading capabilities and digital transformation expertise.

All what companies need for their application development, in a single platform.

Mendix Marketplace

Explore innovative solutions for your company in the Mendix Marketplace. You will be able to extend your applications with reusable solutions created by Mendix itself, its partners and the large community of developers.

The Mendix Marketplace contains a selected library of templates, connectors, modules, widgets, and many other components designed specifically to help teams accelerate their development. Developers can also upload components they have created and share them with the Mendix community.

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Leader in the 2023 Gartner® Magic QuadrantTM for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms

Leader in the Forrester WaveTM: Low-code Development Platforms For Professional Developers, Q2 2021

Joint Development A
Collaborative development

• Collaboration between developers and the business team in the development of applications.
• Through visual development and an intuitive and simple user interface.
• Quick and efficient development.

3 En la Nube 01
In the Cloud

• Flexibility to create and distribute portable and scalable applications.
• Cloud-based operation, enabling new developments on demand.
• Single-click application deployment in private, public, or on-premise cloud.

3 Multi Experiencia 03

• Design applications with preconfigured components; elements, templates, connectors, etc.
• Multiplatform application development for any device.
• Offering the best user experience.

3 Integracion datos 01
Data integration

• Ease of data and logic integration between different data sources, systems or services.
• Possibility of using preconfigured connectors for different integrations.